Perfect for parties,
corporate events,
fairs, hospitals,
schools, and more!

Q: What are caricatures?
They’re cartoony drawings which exaggerate people’s features. Caricatures are used as illustrations or in political cartoons and good-naturedly poke fun at people.

Q: What kind of events can use a live caricaturist?
All of them! I’ve caricatured at schools, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, birthday parties, corporate events, community fairs, after-prom parties, and hospitals.

Q: How does it work at the event?
Well, I just need a table set up with a few chairs. People get in line and I draw them. Each caricature takes 5 minutes or a little longer. It would be nice if you brought me a glass of water. Click here for some photos!

Q: Who are caricatures good for?
Caricatures are like Slinkys - everyone likes them. Caricatures are perfect for both kids and adults. Although, I don’t recommend them for babies or toddlers – they have a hard time sitting still.

Q: I'm incredibly attractive. Why would I want a drawing of myself all distorted?
Don’t fret! I try to draw flattering pictures and everyone’s always really happy with them. I believe caricatures should be fun and enjoyable, so I prefer exaggerating good qualities rather than bad ones.

Q: What do you draw with?
I generally sketch caricatures in HB pencil and then use my trusty Sharpie marker. I use a 9” by 12” art pad. It’s incredibly high-tech.

Q: Why don’t you caricature in color?
Because it takes longer. I can use color if you like, but I’ve found that there are often long lines to get drawings and I want to serve as many folks as possible.

Q: What is your background?
I’ve been drawing since I was an embryo. I’m trained in art and started drawing caricatures for my university newspaper (Drew U, in Madison, NJ). I worked as a web designer for years and am currently an Experience Manager for Along with my other jobs, I’ve been drawing caricatures for a decade now, and love it. Now I'm a member of the National Caricaturist Network.

Q: You're so good at caricaturing! It must be expensive.
I wish! It's actually pretty reasonable compared to other event entertainment. I bill at a simple hourly rate, and there are no hidden charges. Since I’m paid by the event organizer (i.e. you), caricatures are free to the people receiving them. E-mail or call for more information!

Q: I wish I could draw.
I hear that a lot. Well, I wish I could do a lot of things too, like speak Spanish and train dolphins. I took guitar lessons but it was too hard, so I gave up. Some things just weren't meant to be.

Q: Why is the word caricaturing so hard to spell?
Probably because it comes from the French, from Italian caricatura, from caricare (to load, exaggerate), from Late Latin carricāre, from Latin carrus (a Gallic type of wagon).

Q: Where do you caricature?
I’m based in Manhattan but can work anywhere you like in the surrounding states. Events outside of New York City must last a minimum of 4 hours.

Q: What is my caricature good for anyway?
Frame it and hang it up! Like a photo, it’s a great memory of your event. Kids can make copies on a copy machine and have fun coloring them.

Q: Caricatures are the coolest! How do I sign up?
Just send me an email at or call me at 646-831-9816. I can’t wait to meet you!